Scot McCloughan’s use of Material Circumstances

By: Kyle Douty Not often in sports that the general manager of a professional team is celebrated, a favorite, or in some cases even known in the minds of fans. However, the success through a multitude of winning draft picks of one particular NFL general manager has earned the recognition from the NFL community along with fans. Since 2005, Scot McCloughan has had upper management … Continue reading Scot McCloughan’s use of Material Circumstances

Steph Curry: The Anti-Iverson

  Evan Thorpe In basketball, there has only been two guards in recent years to take over as the face of the NBA, Allen Iverson and Stephen Curry. However, with their unbelievable game, only one of them did it the correct way while the other did it his way. From their size, they’ve been able to play amongst the giants and make a name … Continue reading Steph Curry: The Anti-Iverson

Will Manziel ever get his life together?

most recently on the weekend of April 4th-6th, Manziel was accused of causing nearly $20,000 in damage to an LA home by a letter given from the attorney of the homeowner. Niki Ghazian reported to ESPN, “evidence suggests” Manziel and his friends were partying the whole weekend until the police showed up on the 6th because of a noise complaint. It has been reported that … Continue reading Will Manziel ever get his life together?

It’s All About the Money: College and Travel Sports

By Kaitlin Hamer A college education is one of the most expensive investments a person is going to make during their lifetime. From tuition to housing to meal plans, college is a money sucking pit that chews up and spits out those who cannot afford it, unless they are lucky enough and granted a scholarship. In 2015-2016, College Board reported that the average price to … Continue reading It’s All About the Money: College and Travel Sports

Pratt on the Pitch

By: Preston Beale From a very young age, Danielle Pratt was tossed—by her parents—into the arena of being active and staying active. Her parents were fixated on finding a sport that would suit her natural abilities. Noticing that Danielle was taller than most girls, her parents decided to place her in sports where she would take over and dominate, such as basketball and soccer. In … Continue reading Pratt on the Pitch

More Than Just Four Years

By: Caitlin Haworth For senior Tori Clarke, second baseman for CNU Softball, life isn’t complete without sports. Growing up in Denville, New Jersey, Tori can only remember a childhood filled with various sports and activities. But her journey into collegiate athletics is a bit different from the norm. Being the only out-of-state athlete on the CNU Softball team, Tori faced many decisions that ultimately landed … Continue reading More Than Just Four Years

School Athletic Programs VS. Budget Cuts

 by: Katie Jones “It sounds like the introduction to a bad joke: A musician, a poet and an athlete get up at a budget meeting to plead for the School Board to keep funding their programs,” said Barbara O’Brien, Buffalo News staff reporter. According to the National Retail Federation, the school supply lists for students is increasingly growing and that’s just one sign that the school … Continue reading School Athletic Programs VS. Budget Cuts

What is more important? Sports or Class

  If you have ever gone to college whether it is D1, D2 or D3 you might think that athletes receive a large amount of accommodations One who does not play these sports would say that athletes comes to colleges and universities just to play the sport they have trained for not because of the education. There is some truth in that statement, depending on … Continue reading What is more important? Sports or Class