Bringing society together one (male) athlete at a time

By: Caitlin Haworth Every athlete grows up wanting to be the one to set a new standard, to break the records and to be the household name that families sit around a TV for. With a total of 5,714 strikeouts, 324 wins and 807 starts, Nolan Ryan dominated the MLB through his 27 seasons. At the height of his career in 1991, Ryan was the … Continue reading Bringing society together one (male) athlete at a time

Which QB has been the biggest NFL Draft Bust since 2000

 By Brendan Duball There will never be a completely accurate formula to predict the uncertainty that occurs in sports. The epitome of uncertainty and sports occurs in every team’s (especially the Cleveland Browns) ‘war room’ during the NFL draft every year. Currently, more than 300 collegiate football players are participating in the 2016 Combine in Indianapolis in their hopeful journey to the NFL. Here, prospects … Continue reading Which QB has been the biggest NFL Draft Bust since 2000

New Girl on the Block

Introducing the First Lady of ESPN The Magazine. By: Erin Callahan Everyday male and female athletes, college or professional, wake up at unreasonably early hours and start the grind. While balancing school, family, traveling, and a social life, athletes everywhere are working their hardest to get noticed; They watch what they eat, participate in two a days, and find a balance of time to themselves. … Continue reading New Girl on the Block

Concussed the concussion: Ben Watkins’ Return to Basketball

by: Evan Thorpe Ben Watkins picks up the ball without a defender in sight. He crosses half court and everybody gets on their feet. Ben takes three dribbles before he gathers himself to elevate to the rim. With both hand fully extended, Ben slams home the fast break dunk, and the gym he’s called home for four years erupts. He claimed he doesn’t remember … Continue reading Concussed the concussion: Ben Watkins’ Return to Basketball

One of the Greats

 By: Kyle Condrey Wrestling- a competitive world sport that requires athleticism and strength. This sport takes us back to the basics of competition using nothing but calloused palms and mental technique, man competing against Man, where white knuckles and flush faces, gritted teeth and burning muscles stand victorious over the one that stands in your way. Although taken out of the limelight by many ball-centered … Continue reading One of the Greats

McGregor’s “Notorious” Mouth Mauls Opponents Minds

By: Kyle Goddard In the world of Mixed Martial Arts(MMA), there is no shortage of trash-talking techniques used by a plethora of different fighters across every weight class. Since the inception of the UFC, there have always been active fighters who dabble in the art of trash-talking such as Chael Sonnen, Brock Lesnar, and Nick and Nate Diaz. Trash talking can work in two ways. … Continue reading McGregor’s “Notorious” Mouth Mauls Opponents Minds

The Road to Recovery

By: Clayton Dobry His teammates love him, his coaches adore him, but his insurance company despises him. Zachary Shaeffer is an extraordinary athlete and soccer player, who proudly wears the number 32 jersey for Christopher Newport University’s men’s soccer team, was born with a curse; he was born with a glass knee. Injuries have prevented him from playing for a majority of his collegiate career … Continue reading The Road to Recovery