Penny Pinching for Playing Time in Lower Class

   By: Karlee Holzbach There are many factors that come into play for individuals when deciding what sports young adults wish to pursue into. These factors can range from who they are as a person, what location they live in, their cultural influences, and even what country they reside in. Unfortunately for these young adults, their future in sports heavily relies on their socioeconomic class … Continue reading Penny Pinching for Playing Time in Lower Class

College Football: A Business

By: Mic Edwards The star of a Southwest Virginia football team had no idea how different the game of football would be in college. From superstar to “Who are you?” J.R. Edwards experienced first hand the tough transition any high school football player experiences at the college level, and truly realized that college football is nothing but a business and all about the money. In … Continue reading College Football: A Business

Would SAFER barriers have saved Dale Earnhardt’s Life?

By Katie Hall The sense of community and belonging that resides in Goochland, Va. is unlike anything else in the world. Time always seems to go by a little slower, making life so much easier. Many believe that the “hussle and bussle” of the city is not the life for them and if you believe that, then Goochland is the place for you. If you’re … Continue reading Would SAFER barriers have saved Dale Earnhardt’s Life?

MTSU: What Happened?

 By: Kyle Condrey Without fail, the madness has hit its peak. On Friday March 18th, Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) beat Michigan State University (MSU) 90-81 in the first round of the NCAA Division 1 Championship advancing to the Round of 32. This was not only a bracket-wrecker and an upset to a large percent of fans but also a statistical improbability that only an … Continue reading MTSU: What Happened?

FX Takes on The Juice

By: Leah Steinke When O.J. Simpson took off in his buddy A.C.’s white Ford Bronco on June 17th, 1994, he revved the engine of what became the 3rd most memorable televised moment in the past 50 years, following the September 11th attacks and footage from Hurricane Katrina. Simpson took over cable news broadcasting as he and his former teammate, Al Cowlings, led the Los Angeles … Continue reading FX Takes on The Juice

Black Cyclist are Changing Common Stereotypes

  By: Preston Beale Cycling—the “use of a bicycle for sport, recreation, or transportation”—is not ranked in the most popular sports around the world.  According to Victoria State Government, when people worldwide picture cycling they may not imagine the sport as an actual sport because it is a fairly easy sport to pick up.  The reason cycling is depicted as such is because the sport … Continue reading Black Cyclist are Changing Common Stereotypes

Tyler Jones: His battle with Celiac’s

Is your diet that important? To some athletes the answer would be yes to some it would be no to Tyler Jones it was a definite yes. Being a well round athlete is not all about how well you can hit, throw, kick or spike a ball, your diet also plays a huge role into how well you will play during your season.  Peter Jaret … Continue reading Tyler Jones: His battle with Celiac’s

Wong Face: Change Coaches and Change the Game

      By: Katie Jones   Imagine being on a sports team where you feel like you’re not the coach’s “favorite” and not making a contribution to the athletic program. The way I see it is that you have three options: number one: you can ignore the situation, number two: you can attempt to challenge the situation, or number three: you can change the … Continue reading Wong Face: Change Coaches and Change the Game

The impact of a child

By: Caitlin Haworth The sports world has been endlessly buzzing with the news of Adam LaRoche, player for the Chicago White Sox, retiring from baseball due to restrictions being placed on the amount of time his 14-year-old son, Drake, spends with the team. According to an article on ESPN, Drake spent everyday on the field or in the clubhouse along side all players of the … Continue reading The impact of a child