Following in the Footsteps of a Star: From Mom to Coach

FullSizeRender By: Mary Thurman

Fifteen seconds until the buzzer, Kevin Regimbal steals the ball and runs down the court to the basket, where his mom is cheering him on from the stands. Kevin’s mom, Pam Regimbal, is on the edge of her seat, wondering what her son is going to do next. Kevin crossovers, pump fakes, goes for the shot, and makes the three-pointer. The crowd jumps out of their seats with pure excitement!


Kevin’s mom, Pam, an avid basketball player herself has been a huge influence in Kevin’s basketball career. She is a proud mother of three boys and loves watching one of her son’s, Kevin Regimbal, take the court and succeed in a sport that is so dear to her heart. Ever since Kevin was a child, his mother has influenced him throughout his basketball career and continues to do so.

Pam played basketball for Leland High School and received player of the year for her district. She holds the record of scoring 41 points in a game and holds the most free throws in a consecutive time, which were 11 free throws out of 12 in the game. She then received a full athletic scholarship to University of Pacific where she played for three years.

Pam is a firm believer in working hard and focusing on the things that you are good at. She states, “You may fail in one area and then succeed in another. You are not going to be successful at everything you do.”

Although she was playing basketball at a D1 university, her priority was her education. She states, “My education is the most important thing I accomplished throughout college.” Kevin’s mom emphasizes that education should always come first; however, you should strive to do your best on and off the court. Pam goes onto explain how she misses playing with her teammates, but she would not change her experience for anything.

The love his mom had for the sport, rubbed off on Kevin. His mom coached him through his adolescence years, travel years and even throughout high school. Since his mom was such an influential person in his life and loved the sport of basketball, Kevin wanted to follow in her footsteps and become a basketball player. When Kevin went off to college, Pam made the decision to retire from coaching and become a full-time fan in the stands. Although she no longer coaches Kevin, Pam continues to influence Kevin in his basketball career and provides him feedback after each game, whether he wins or loses.


Kevin is from Midlothian, Virginia and went to James River High School. As a sophomore at James River High, his team went undefeated. Playing the position of point guard his junior year, his team broke the record for the most wins in a season. His senior year of high school, Kevin was named all district player and had an average of 14 points a game. Now, playing for Christopher Newport University (“CNU”), he makes an average of 25 points a game. His junior year at CNU he took on the position of shooting guard and has started every game since then.

Kevin Regimbal is a true believer in if you work hard enough, it will pay off. He learned that from his mom. Kevin states, “Internally, I always push myself to be better and I try to help my team in every way possible.” Both Pam and Kevin Regimbal stated that if given the opportunity they would try and pursue pro-basketball, but realistically they believe you are not going to be successful at everything you do. Though Pam Regimbal is no longer Kevin’s official coach, there is no doubt you will find her cheering him through all of his victories and providing him with words of wisdom along the way!

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