Steph Curry: The Anti-Iverson

  Evan Thorpe In basketball, there has only been two guards in recent years to take over as the face of the NBA, Allen Iverson and Stephen Curry. However, with their unbelievable game, only one of them did it the correct way while the other did it his way. From their size, they’ve been able to play amongst the giants and make a name … Continue reading Steph Curry: The Anti-Iverson

School Athletic Programs VS. Budget Cuts

 by: Katie Jones “It sounds like the introduction to a bad joke: A musician, a poet and an athlete get up at a budget meeting to plead for the School Board to keep funding their programs,” said Barbara O’Brien, Buffalo News staff reporter. According to the National Retail Federation, the school supply lists for students is increasingly growing and that’s just one sign that the school … Continue reading School Athletic Programs VS. Budget Cuts

What is more important? Sports or Class

  If you have ever gone to college whether it is D1, D2 or D3 you might think that athletes receive a large amount of accommodations One who does not play these sports would say that athletes comes to colleges and universities just to play the sport they have trained for not because of the education. There is some truth in that statement, depending on … Continue reading What is more important? Sports or Class

The Art of Trash Talking and Showboating

 By: Dom Niranont Featherweight Champion, Conor Mcgregor, once said, “I remove a head, I bring it backstage, I place it on Mr. [Lorenzo] Fertitta and Mr. [Dana] White’s desk: ‘Here you go, boss, another one done,’ and then we discuss big business.” The art of showboating and trash talking is a fascinating aspect in sports, in particular MMA. This art can be viewed as “disrespectful” … Continue reading The Art of Trash Talking and Showboating

A Woman’s Place In Sports Journalism

By: Ashley Akers A woman’s heart beats as she stands at the dented and bashed red door of the men’s visitor’s locker room. Today is her first day on the job as a sports reporter and the anxiousness of getting the leading story is washing over her. As she braces herself to walk into a clubhouse full of men, she reminds herself of what her … Continue reading A Woman’s Place In Sports Journalism

Is Cheerleading a Sport?

By: Mary Thurman Hit, Hit, Hit, Pull. Louder, Sharper, Tighter! Facials! Those are just a few words going through your head as you prepare to step out on that competition floor and push yourself beyond your limits. Some critics say cheerleading is not a sport, like U.S. District Judge Stefan Underhill, who stated, “Cheerleading doesn’t really count: the activity is still too underdeveloped and disorganized … Continue reading Is Cheerleading a Sport?

Is America’s pastime in the past?

 Logan Harrington As a current player and past avid fan of Major League baseball, Chesdin Harrington, my brother and a freshmen pitcher for the University of Virginia’s phenomenal baseball team, voiced his opinion on the game of baseball, saying, “I think the game has just slowed down. Being younger and going to the game and having a hot dog and fingers crossed that a ball … Continue reading Is America’s pastime in the past?

81 Is Greater Than 100

By Tony Patrick As the 2015-2016 National Basketball Association season comes to an end, Kobe Bryant has only seven games left in his 20 year career before he retires at the end of the season. As I sit back and reflect on his career and his constant success throughout; one game stands out to me the most but before we talk about Kobe’s most memorable … Continue reading 81 Is Greater Than 100

Johan Cruyff, The Legacy of #14

By Ryan J. Balfour The “Cruyff Turn”. Countless of children playing soccer all over the world have most likely learned this trick, including myself. I was around 9 years old and I remember my first coach making us run around in a square box performing the Cruyff turn. Back then, I never stopped to think why it was called the “Cruyff Turn”. On March 24th, … Continue reading Johan Cruyff, The Legacy of #14

Would SAFER barriers have saved Dale Earnhardt’s Life?

By Katie Hall The sense of community and belonging that resides in Goochland, Va. is unlike anything else in the world. Time always seems to go by a little slower, making life so much easier. Many believe that the “hussle and bussle” of the city is not the life for them and if you believe that, then Goochland is the place for you. If you’re … Continue reading Would SAFER barriers have saved Dale Earnhardt’s Life?