Scot McCloughan’s use of Material Circumstances

By: Kyle Douty Not often in sports that the general manager of a professional team is celebrated, a favorite, or in some cases even known in the minds of fans. However, the success through a multitude of winning draft picks of one particular NFL general manager has earned the recognition from the NFL community along with fans. Since 2005, Scot McCloughan has had upper management … Continue reading Scot McCloughan’s use of Material Circumstances

It’s All About the Money: College and Travel Sports

By Kaitlin Hamer A college education is one of the most expensive investments a person is going to make during their lifetime. From tuition to housing to meal plans, college is a money sucking pit that chews up and spits out those who cannot afford it, unless they are lucky enough and granted a scholarship. In 2015-2016, College Board reported that the average price to … Continue reading It’s All About the Money: College and Travel Sports

Highbrow Yankees get “Riff-Raff” Fans

by Addie Mister Imagine sitting in the stands at your favorite team’s stadium. You are surrounded by people dressed in similar colors, you have a hot dog in one hand, a beer in the other, and you look down towards the field to something extremely odd across the way. You see colors that seem to be out of place, yellow, green, and purple. You get … Continue reading Highbrow Yankees get “Riff-Raff” Fans

How Do Athletes’ Commodify Their Personal Brand? “That’s A Clown Question Bro”

 By: Ryan Carwile When you think of Bryce Harper, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Baseball player? 2010 number one overall pick? Washington Nationals right fielder? 2015 National League MVP? I can bet that one word that didn’t come to mind was brand, however, the word brand might be the most important descriptor of Bryce Harper. A brand is “the name given … Continue reading How Do Athletes’ Commodify Their Personal Brand? “That’s A Clown Question Bro”

Social Class and Sports

By: Taylor Hall Since the beginning, sports have served as a major premise in identity development. Sports teach essential values, such as leadership, overcoming adversity, and teamwork. Nothing has the ability to bring a society together quite like sports can. It is a passion shared between almost every culture. A passion derived from the possibility of miracles, thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat. … Continue reading Social Class and Sports

FX Takes on The Juice

By: Leah Steinke When O.J. Simpson took off in his buddy A.C.’s white Ford Bronco on June 17th, 1994, he revved the engine of what became the 3rd most memorable televised moment in the past 50 years, following the September 11th attacks and footage from Hurricane Katrina. Simpson took over cable news broadcasting as he and his former teammate, Al Cowlings, led the Los Angeles … Continue reading FX Takes on The Juice

Black Cyclist are Changing Common Stereotypes

  By: Preston Beale Cycling—the “use of a bicycle for sport, recreation, or transportation”—is not ranked in the most popular sports around the world.  According to Victoria State Government, when people worldwide picture cycling they may not imagine the sport as an actual sport because it is a fairly easy sport to pick up.  The reason cycling is depicted as such is because the sport … Continue reading Black Cyclist are Changing Common Stereotypes

European Soccer Is Infested with Racism

 By Brendan Duball Try and think of the worst sports fans in America – Philadelphia Eagles fans are notorious for attacking a harmless Santa Claus with snowballs in 1968, San Fransisco Giants fans literally stab rival fans in the parking lot after games, Chicago White Sox fans attacked Royals first base coach causing him to lose hearing in both of his ears, even Philadelphia Phillies … Continue reading European Soccer Is Infested with Racism